Information security awareness at Republic of Macedonia

Information security awareness at Republic of Macedonia


Like a citizen of Republic of Macedonia I am asking myself, why we are so unsecured?

Why we are not taking care about personal information security?
Why our government servers are getting hacked nearly every day?

Why we are not respecting the personal security law who is in function in our country since  15.03.1994 public newspaper 12/1994 with some updates until 2011.

Why? Why? Why?

Here are the answers:
The public and private sectors that is storing a personal data of the citizens of RM are acting non-­‐sense about information security. During my professional carrier I was able to communicate with some banks and other institutions that was really unsecured and ready to be hacked. During my communication with these holders of personal data I was getting a non-­‐sense answer like: “we have a backup and we are secure” Come on guys, we are talking about personal information leak and flaws and hacks and information and identity thief! When you don’t know something doesn’t try to improvise things. The companies and institutions here at RM are not playing the game with the rules. Continue reading “Information security awareness at Republic of Macedonia”

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